Thursday, 2 October 2008

The London Underground in Films & TV - updates galore!

Well, maybe that's overstating the case, but with the wedding now out of the way, and helped in no small part by the acquisition of a standalone drive which allows me to do screengrabs direct from the DVD-RAM discs I normally acrhive on, I've done more work on the site in the last week than I had in the previous year. Various new productions have been added, as well as separate illustrated pages for Love on Wheels (1932), An Affair in Mind (1988), Billy Elliot (2000), Harry & Paul (2008), and - as seen below - No Heroics (2008), as well as corrections and expansions to one of the episode of Strange Report (1969 - now known to have reused footage from The Gentle Gunman), and The Fourth Protocol (1987 - the second Tube sequence in which I previously missed!). The page for the latter should be online before the weekend, along with - hopefully - Waterloo Road (1945), On the Beat (1962), The Liquidator (1965), Otley (1968), and Honest (2000).

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