Friday, 26 September 2008

A heroic effort....

With the exception of The Secret Diary of a Call Girl (a.k.a. Billie de Jour!), I usually avoid ITV2 like the plague, but a small photo in the Radio Times alerted me to a Tube scene in the channel's new sitcom No Heroics, about the mundane reality of a world with genuine superheroes. The series seems to have come is for a lot of flak, but me and Claire rather enjoyed it, even if the sub-plot about a couple of the more mediocre superheroes doing a meet-and-great with a group of obssessive fans provoked some disturbing 1990s Doctor Who fandom flashbacks!

Anyway, at the beginning of each episode, while standing on the northbound/High Barnet platform at Finchley Central station, "Timebomb" is seen using his superpower of being able to see 60 seconds into the future to work out that the train he's waiting for isn't going to arrive, so he walks off, just as a PA announcement informs passengers that, "all services are cancelled due to engineering work on the Eastern line." Hmmm... obviously this alternative universe has alternative Underground lines, but it's a shame the producers counldn't have stretched to mocking up an alternative name for the station!

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Blogger Matthew Kilburn said...

Hmmm.... perhaps this is a universe where the separation of High Barnet-Morden and Edgware-Kennington services has already taken place?

28 September 2008 at 16:15  
Blogger Nick Cooper said...

Perhaps, although if that ever happens and they don't call the bit that includes the High Barnet branch the "Beck Line," there'll be trouble!

1 October 2008 at 13:24  

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