Friday, 20 August 2010

Platforms and Demons

Throughout June and August we had a photography competition at work, which meant that each person got to take the office digital SLR home for the night, hopefully to return afterwards with suitable submission of their choosing. When it came to my turn, although I'd had a few rather predicable ideas of what to photograph, I realised that it was the opportunity to capture what Claire and I had spectacularly failed to even notice at the end of October last year, when we walked the length of the former LNER and would-be Northern line trackbed between Finsbury Park and Alexandra Palace, now the Parkland Walk nature reserve. Once you actually know it's there, Marilyn Collins's Spriggan sculpture - in one of the arches of a retaining wall next to the former Crouch End station - is impressively obvious, but because we weren't aware of it at the time... er... we didn't!

Luckily my turn to use the camera came on a Friday, so I had the whole weekend to trek over to Crouch End, but unfortunately, when printed out and stuck on the office wall for the competition, it became clear that I'd perhaps been a bit too subtle, as most people thought I'd just taken a picture of a graffiti-covered wall. Maybe I should have used this one, then I might have made the short-list, let alone actually won!

More pictures of the former station site can be found on my Hidden City page here.


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