Monday, 3 May 2010

Down Mexico way...

When I first started to actively collect items related to Things to Come, one of the first I failed to secure was one of a set of lobby cards used to promote the film in Mexico in 1947. Over the years, no other copy of the same card turned up, but in the last few months I've been lucky enough to acquire originals of five others, which can now be seen in the Publicity Material Gallery on my website. Each features a relatively high quality production still, framed alongside a stunning illustration by an unknown artist, although to describe it as an exaggeration of what actually appears in the film would be an understatement! I've also added a set of 1970s German lobby cards that I acquired very early on, but have only just got round to scanning, and a nice 1936 cigarette card featuring the film. [Disclaimer: This blog does not endorse smoking!]

I was quite surprised to realise that the last time I did an upload of TTC photographs was almost eleven months ago! I've now added another 25 images to the various sub-galleries. A number are actually the images used on the above-mentioned Mexican and German lobby cards, or otherwise from sources that are not actual original photographic prints, but are significant enough to merit inclusion. In any case, after a bit of study of the relevent UK copyright laws (i.e. until my eyes started bleeding), it's clear that all the photographs from the film are now actually in the public domain, anyway, so really anything goes....




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