Monday, 28 September 2015

28/29 September 1940: The London Underground on this day 75 years ago

Twenty-second day/night of the London Blitz.

At 01:15 on the 29th, bomb damage at Hanger Lane Bridge over the shared District line/Great Western Railway (GWR) knocked cables off brackets and on fire, and blocking the line, leaving a GWR goods train on fire under the bridge.[1]

At 01:22, two High Explosive bombs hit the Piccadilly line's Northfields Depot, damaging points, and cratering the track west of the Northfields station itself.[1]

At 08:00 on the 29th, the following working conditions were reported:
Northern line
Closed between Woodside Park and High Barnet - Unexploded Bomb (UXB) at Woodside Park.
Chalk Farm station closed; shuttle service between Hampstead and Camden Town.

Central line
Wood Lane to Ealing Broadway suspended - bomb damage to Hanger Lane Bridge.

Piccadilly line
North Ealing to Acton Town suspended - bomb damage to Hanger Lane Bridge.
Hounslow Town to Acton Town suspended - bomb damage at Northfields.

District line
Turnham Green to Gunnersby suspended - bomb damage.
Acton to Ealing Broadway suspended - bomb damage to Hanger Lane Bridge.

Metropolitan line
Closed between Kings Cross and Moorgate - UXB at Cow Cross Street.
Farringdon Street station closed - unsafe buildings.
Addison Road to Latimer Road suspended - bomb damage at Uxbridge Road station, also closed.[2]
[1] Railway Executive Committee: Files: Form D2, 18:00 28/09/40 to 06:00 29/09/40, sheet 2 [Kew: National Archives, reference AN 2/1104]
[2] Ministry of Home Security, Key Points Intelligence Directorate: Reports and Papers, Daily Reports - September 1940: Railway Situation Report at 08:00 29/09/40, pages 1-2 [Kew: National Archives, reference HO 201/2]


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